Benefits of Coming to BodyWorks

See How Alignment Therapy/Structural Integration Can Help You

There are many benefits of Alignment Therapy:

  • Release nerve impingements
  • Increase blood flow
  • Increase nervous flow
  • Increase range of motion
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve muscle health

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Alignment Therapy is a combination of muscular and fascial manipulation. It is an altogether different approach to massage therapy. Instead of focusing on a trigger point or a point of pain, the focus is "why is this here & what is causing it?"

A lot of people think their muscles, bones, nerves, etc. are the problem, but most of the time the problem comes from our fascial system. Fascia is the silvery tissue you find around a chicken breast or in steak. This system runs throughout our entire body & provides stability with movement. Just like any other part of the body there are different fascial "lines" that support different structures. You’ve probably heard the saying “It’s all connected", well it's true; because of how our fascial lines run, the top of your head is literally connected to your feet!

Think of a skyscraper. It's stability and longevity starts with a solid foundation, then has specific areas of tension, rods, guy wires & support beams to maintain the stability, mold and gravitational pull of the structure. If the foundation is compromised the building will be compromised as well. The building will more than likely be ok for many years, but parts of it will start to deteriorate and become weak. Gravity no longer flows through the building, but has to push through the building, therefore causing the building to deteriorate.

Our bodies work the same way. If our foundation (our feet and ankles) are out of alignment, our bodies will be compromised. It may take years and years, but eventually gravity will take its toll.

Fascia is the mold of the body and everything else follows it. Alignment Therapy will allow your body to move with ease through gravity with very little or no pain. When your muscles move freely, that means blood and nervous pathways flow freely as well.

Here is a quick and simple explanation of why this is important: proper blood flow = oxygen, nutrients and hydration to your muscles. Without proper blood flow, muscles will weaken or atrophy, pain will increase & sleep will decrease (And we all know how sleep deprivation affects us!). Proper nervous flow = communication and movement in your body. Without proper nervous flow it is difficult or impossible for your brain to communicate with your muscles (i.e. - touch, cold, hot, pain, numbness and movement). There are so many conditions related to lack of blood & nervous flow and this therapy directly affects and improves it.

Alignment Therapy is a treatment that empowers, educates & addresses the cause of the dysfunction/injury instead of the symptom.

Through this therapy we will break down chronic holding patterns which lead to chronic conditions and build healthy holding patterns so your body works with gravity and moves with ease. A 12 session program was put together to achieve very specific results for each body part, in a very specific order to achieve optimal results. It is recommended to receive 1.5 - 2 hour sessions. Therapy is catered for each client & adjusted throughout treatment if needed.

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In just a few sessions I was able to tell an incredible difference...

Stacy, Ogden

She treats you & works with your needs instead of giving you a general massage.

Ashley, Ogden

She's been able to work with my body when I didn't respond to conventional treatments.

Judy M, Bountiful

Mariko helped me a lot and I would recommend her to anyone who needs therapy.

Judy R, Ogden

Thanks for helping me understand my own body and MUCH MORE!

Denise, Tooele

You are a miracle worker!

Taunya, North Ogden

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