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Alignment Therapy restores mobility, releases "knotted" tissue, increases blood flow, activates and relieves impinged nerves, improves joint function and above all, helps you become aware of your body!

BodyWorks has helped people of all ages, sizes, shapes & genders with acute & chronic pain (almost anywhere & everywhere!), plantar fasciitis, sciatica, pre/post surgery prep/recovery, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, TMJD and many others.

Alignment Therapy at BodyWorks Utah

To find out more about how Alignment Therapy can help you, call or text 801-529-5931 to schedule your appointment or free consultation!

Introducing BodyWorks and Alignment Therapy


Services & Pricing

Alignment Therapy sessions are an affordable and holistic approach to the cause of your pain/dysfunction; not just the symptom.

  • 60 Minutes: $80
  • 90 Minutes: $120
  • 120 Minutes: $160

BodyWorks accepts & is approved for:
Flex Spending : Health Savings : PIP Insurance : Visa : Discover : MasterCard : Cash

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About BodyWorks

Ever wonder why your back gives out for no reason at all, why your feet seem to hurt so much even though you aren't on them all day or why you keep getting shoulder pain if you're not overworking them?

The answer is (most of the time) a simple one. Our body is held together with a fascial system that literally connects your scalp to the bottom of your feet; which creates a brilliant system that either works incredibly well for you or greatly decreases your range of motion & increases your pain by binding your fascial & muscular systems to support an injury or simply your posture.

Alignment Therapy, also known as Structural Integration, is the study & therapy of how the fascial systems work together, so the therapist can help you figure out the cause of your pain.

Your low back pain could be something as simple as, you always carry your baby on your right side; so you've raised your pelvis on the right & probably kicked it forward to support the baby. Now your pelvis is rotated & off balance, causing low back pain. When you come into BodyWorks, your therapist will assess your structure, your postural habits & your daily life to find the source of your pain. Then you & your therapist will work together to create a treatment plan that works for you.

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In just a few sessions I was able to tell an incredible difference...

Stacy, Ogden

She treats you & works with your needs instead of giving you a general massage.

Ashley, Ogden

She's been able to work with my body when I didn't respond to conventional treatments.

Judy M, Bountiful

Mariko helped me a lot and I would recommend her to anyone who needs therapy.

Judy R, Ogden

Thanks for helping me understand my own body and MUCH MORE!

Denise, Tooele

You are a miracle worker!

Taunya, North Ogden

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To find out more about how Alignment Therapy can help you, call or text 801-529-5931 to schedule your appointment or free consultation!