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These videos were designed to create awareness, empower you & help you understand the needs of your body better.

Before you watch any of these you need to know two things: Remember to BREATHE deeply & slowly, while listening to your bodies response & responding appropriately; and if you’re looking at a stretch or a re-patterning exercise & it’s not working for you, modify it so it does! What’s in these videos is in no way the end all be all. It’s a beginners guideline to self caring - so take the information that resonates with you & get creative!

A Few Extras

Know Your Body Better

Foam Rolling Upper Body

Massage Machines I Like!

Upper Body Stretches / Re-Patterning

Low Back / Pelvic Re-Patterning

Self Care for Feet & Calves

12 Session Alignment Therapy

Re-align your entire myofascial system. Most of us have created holding patterns that the body wasn't meant to perform, making our bodies more prone to injury. If the negative holding pattern isn't corrected it's more likely that as we get older our bodies will deteriorate much faster.

Alignment Therapy Spot Sessions

If you have acute or chronic pain, but don't want to do the full 12 sessions, this is the perfect treatment to focus on your specific area of concern. Spot sessions can be 1, 1.5 or 2 hours. The best option for treatment is once a week until the area is no longer symptomatic.

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

Enjoy a full body massage with your pick of essential oils. This is a deep, detailed massage with Alignment Therapy in mind.

Introducing BodyWorks and Alignment Therapy

Body Works Utah

459 N 300 W #13
Kaysville, UT 84037


In just a few sessions I was able to tell an incredible difference...

Stacy, Ogden

She treats you & works with your needs instead of giving you a general massage.

Ashley, Ogden

She's been able to work with my body when I didn't respond to conventional treatments.

Judy M, Bountiful

Mariko helped me a lot and I would recommend her to anyone who needs therapy.

Judy R, Ogden

Thanks for helping me understand my own body and MUCH MORE!

Denise, Tooele

You are a miracle worker!

Taunya, North Ogden

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